Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Blog....ish

So since I haven't even posted in almost a year =/ I've decided it's time to revamp my blog. I'm not exactly sure how yet but for today let's just start with a story.

Alex and I tried a new church today and although I'm not sure it was the right fit for us it was a good church. It's a smaller church, probably 50-60 people, and we came on a weird day. I guess on the 5th Sunday of the month they take stories from people in the congregation on how God has worked in their lives. So we didn't get a feel for the type of sermons they do. But the people were super nice. A big benefit from a small church. A couple from the church took us out for lunch and we had a really good time. So even though the church isn't exactly what we're looking for, the people were amazing and really encouraging.

And on the way home we saw a man at a stoplight with a sign saying 'Homeless & Hungry. God Bless.' Well the nice people from this church had given us a bag of bagels (they were giving out bread to the community and had TONS of extra) so Alex rolled down the window and held one out for the man. He said 'Is that a bagel?............I don't like bagels.' And away we drove. I laughed SO hard. If you're really hungry, you shouldn't be too picky.

And just because I do want to kind of keep with the quote thing.
'It is so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don't say it' --Sam Levenson

Reading--Graveminder; Melissa Marr
Drinking--Lemon Water
Watching--Sweet Genius (not sure how I feel about it yet)