Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Need To Find My Picture USB!

I have a few things to blog about but since I don't know where my USB/SD converter is I can't post pictures so then I forget to take them so then I just don't blog. But I did something pretty cool tonight so I feel like I should blog regardless of not having pictures to prove it. But first my backed-up blog items.

1. I made my own dried orange peel. Yeah, it is very simple but I felt super homey making it myself & putting it in my own little spice container. All you do is peel an orange, cut off as much as the white pithy stuff as you can, cut the peel into small pieces, & then bake it! Voila! Dried orange peel =)

2. Nutella cupcakes. Pretty much enough said. Except I used wheat flour (all I had) so they turned out more like muffins but it was nutella so still delicious.

3. Tonight I made a delicious dessert that is sure to have me labeled, once again, an alcoholic. (Thanks, mom) For real though, there is only like an eighth of a cup of alcohol in this. Chocolate Tequila Mousse (with some added orange peel ;) ) It was soooooo good. Now this turned out pretty awesome but still not the cool thing that gave me the drive to blog......

4. I crafted a scarf out of a tshirt =) Pretty proud of myself, also disappointed I didn't take pictures but trust me, I did it. And although it kind of short, still turned out to look good. Even Alex was a tad bit impressed and offered me some of his old tshirts =) This is the link I used.

And that's all I've got for now. Except to say I had a phenomenal first holiday season as a married lady and that my husband rocks my heart, literally. See what I did there, saved the mushy stuff for the end so you wouldn't stop reading too soon =)

Reading--Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children; Ransom Riggs
Listening--Alex playing Madden 2012........Not going to lie, sometimes I play this one