Sunday, July 29, 2012

Basil Salt

I found a recipe for basil salt in my new Food Network magazine & got very excited because I have a lot of basil growing on my patio! (sorry about the sideways pictures. For some reason the way I loaded them won't let me rotate)

 So I went to work on the little bush of basil & picked 1/2 a cup of leaves. And my wonderful man had given me pink Himalayan rock salt for Christmas so I thought that would look very cool, pink salt with green basil.

 Unfortunately, I have very little muscle & only got through 2 small chunks with my mortar & pestle before I gave up & decided just to use regular, coarse, white salt. Adding my 1/2 cup of basil & 1/2 cup of salt to a food processor, I started pulsing it until the basil was all chopped. That salt was in small chunks but I think that's the way it was supposed to be. I spread it out on a pan & stuck it in the oven @ 225 for 20 minutes. The recipe said 30-40 but my stove cooks fast.

This is before it's cooked. So pretty, right?! After baking it goes back in the food processor and is pulsed until it becomes a fine powder. My little machine can't handle that so it's only mostly a powder & some salt chunks. And the basil turned an almost whitish green color & smelled like spinach. But guess what it taste like...............salt, just plain salt. 
I started out very excited about my homemade basil salt & now have a jar of pale green plain ole salt. Oh well, it was kind of fun to attempt even though the outcome was a disappointment =) 

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