Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cat Food Container

We have a semi-new kitty. We got him a couple months ago. For the most part, I suppose he is a pretty good cat & he likes to cuddle =) But he has a few flaws......One of the major ones being that he learned how to open our bi-fold pantry doors. This just happens to be where we keep his bag of cat food. He will get in there at night & chew as many holes as he can into the bag even when his dish is full. After the first couple times, we finally blocked the door off with a storage tub. Real classy & decorative. And then I saw the 'turn a popcorn tin into a pet food container' on Pinterest & got excited! I didn't take pictures of the steps because I started this a few weeks ago at my parents' house (that's where the tin & spray paint were) & finally finished it today.

1. I spray painted 3-4 coats of metallic champagne gold (the color Mom had in her collection so it was free!) I honestly can't remember how many coats because I took such a long break between start & finish.

2. Once it was dry I used a paw print stencil & brush painted a print on the side & on the lid.

3. Then my wonderful Mom painted HOBBES underneath.

4. Lastly, I spray painted on a clear finish.

**A couple disclaimers** Yes, the lid is dented. I painted in Dad's garage & when I left forgot to move it off the floor & I think it got a little run over. So I did have to hammer out a dent so that it would fit back on the can. Also the paint kind of peels off if it gets scratched, especially around where the lid fits on. I'm not sure how I could have avoided this so any suggestions are appreciated. Just in case I decide to redo it. 

Project #2--I would say a 3/4 success =)

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