Thursday, September 5, 2013

Date Night Jar

I've seen lots of pins & blogs about date night jars & lists of fun & different things to do for date nights. Alex & I do get in a rut of just going out to dinner or to a movie so it will be fun to be able to mix things up with out thinking too hard =)

1. I wrote date ideas on popsicle sticks. (I'll list them all at the end) I used 3 different colors so that we have dates that cost little to nothing, dates that we can do any night of the week, and dates that are a bit more expensive & take a bit more planning.

2. I cleaned out a spaghetti sauce jar & peeled off the label.
3. I had an amusement park themed scrap book paper that I tore into small pieces to mod podge onto the jar. I ended up using about 4 layers of mod podge, letting it dry 20-30 minutes between layers.

$ Pool/Hot Tub
$ Appetizers & Fun Drinks ( Alcoholic or Not ) At Home
$ Video Game Night
$ Craft Night (Yes, Alex likes to paint)
$ Spa Night
$ Board Game Night
$ Movie Day At Home

$$ Sushi Restaurant (This is Alex & my favorite)
$$ Restaurant We've Never Been To
$$ Driving Range/Putt Putt
$$ Roller/Ice Skating
$$ Frozen Yogurt
$$ Dinner & Movie
$$ Farmer's Market

$$$ Art/Film Festival//County Fair
$$$ Planetarium
$$$ Zoo
$$$ Play/Musical
$$$ Sporting Event
$$$ Hiking
$$$ Take A Class (Art, Cooking, Dance)
$$$ Picnic At Beach

On another note, Alex & I bought our first house!!!! We sign papers & close tomorrow & move in 2 weeks!!!! We are very very excited & I'll have lots of new house crafts to work on =)